Practical experience is the heart of all we do. Our services include:

Risk management

All aspects of sound risk management provided in a practical and engaging manner including: effective risk management, embedding risk analysis and preparation of risk registers.

Fraud risk advice & awareness training

Using war stories and years of practical experience to enable clients to better deal with: fraud deterrence, prevention, detection, investigation (including interview technique) and lesson-learning.

Internal audit services

Provided ad-hoc, or as dedicated third party resource but always with punchy and practical reporting and recommendations aligned to other assurance sources to facilitate a full assurance picture.


An area where the inexperienced can make matters worse and where experience and sound technique are essential to ensure that objectives are met.

Governance and assurance

Any manner of issues can arise but the same assurance skills and insight are required to ensure effective outcomes e.g. Internal Audit functional reviews, Board/committee effectiveness assessments.


All our services can be delivered as management training using an approach where clients build their own training programs from a menu of modules.

Other services:

The following organisations complement Natural Risk.  Please visit them for further details:

Evidential Ltd

Pioneers in the electronic presentation of evidence.


Customer-led growth and transformation.


Business coaching and consulting in strategy, governance and leadership.