Natural Selections: articles are regularly posted on LinkedIn that provide a short, digestible and practical advice on matters of ad-hoc interest:

The momentum of forest fires: thoughts about risk management (June 2019)

Events have natural momentum but don’t continue unimpeded; they slow down and eventually stop.  However large events with significant momentum can take too long to stop without intervention: forest fires for example.

Wate-ing isn’t the same as doing nothing (March 2019)

A terrible pun but I couldn’t resist… The six Wates Principles (“www.watesprinciples”) offer sensible corporate governance to large private companies, to any organization for that matter:

Want to report risk properly? Then keeping taking the tabloids (September 2018)

All your risks on a single page! Sounds great doesn’t it?  It certainly does to directors frustrated with long-winded risk papers of (shall we say: ‘uncertain’?) clarity and relevance – none of which helps the continuing challenge of raising the credibility of risk-management.

Your controls work most of the time – don’t they? (January 2018)

Maybe – but often it’s only after something goes wrong that mis-placed confidence in your controls is recognized. This is Control Delusion. I don’t say this to be provocative.

Control Delusion draws on real experience of fraud investigation, threat assessment, risk management etc to help understand the real state of controls.

Not another article on COSO-ERM? (September 2017)

Don’t worry, this is brief – and practical. The just-released COSO ERM framework has many good attributes (strategy, culture, appetite etc) which leading risk advisors have been talking about for some time, though it’s useful to have them in a single place.

The Criminal Finance Act: doing enough – but not too much (August 2017)

All new legislation, regulation, best-practice etc requires a proper response but with good governance (risk, control, culture, policies etc) in place a few ‘governance-tweaks’ should ensure adequate compliance.

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